Haven of Well-Being

Relax your mind and unwind in our sauna area. Treat yourself to complete relaxation and a massage or unwind in our tanning booth.


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Treat your body and mind to a break and use our sauna daily from 4pm to 8pm to improve your well-being.

In our Finnish sauna you will transpire at traditional 90° C and a humidity of 10-15%. Alternating heat and cold helps your body to strengthen the immune system and to stimulate the circulation.


Relax in our steam bath with brine injections and color therapy at approx. 45° C and a humidity of approx. 90%. The high percentage of humidity helps free the respiratory tract and cleanses your skin. This effect is heightened by the regular brine injections. The changing colors have a calming and relaxing effect.




For those who feel the Finnish sauna is too hot and the steam bath to humid, we offer a sanarium. At a temperature of approx. 60° C and a humidity of 50% the sanarium is easy on your body’s cardiovascular circulation while still strengthening your immune system and blood circulation. The comfortable warmth not only relaxes your muscles but also your mind.

In our infrared sauna you will experience deep relaxation. Infrared radiation relaxes your muscles and activates the blood circulation. Pain and aches caused by arthrosis, muscle hardening and arthropathy are soothed. We strongly suggest using the infrared sauna before every massage as the warmth relaxes your muscles.

Please note that the entrance to our sauna area is not allowed under 16 years.

Dry water massage

Switch on to switch off!

Warm water jets hit the underside of the natural rubber bed in even movements and massage your body from head to toe. The warmth penetrates deep into the tissue layers and enhances the circulation. You can see how the gentle power relaxes the muscles, releases tension and stimulates the metabolism.

Opening times: daily from 07:00 – 22:00 o’clock
Costs: € 7,00 per 15 minutes



A massage is the most effective way to unwind. Treat your body and mind to the peace and quiet of a professional massage!


classic full body massage € 49,00 (45 min)
classic partial massage € 34,00 (25 min)
foot reflexology € 49,00 (45 min)
relaxing massage € 49,00 (45 min)
Shiatsu full body massage € 49,00 (45 min)
Shiatsu partial massage € 34,00 (25 min)
Lomi Lomi € 60,00 (60 min)
Hot Stone € 60,00 (60 min)

Tanning Booth

Reenergize and tan in our tanning booth.

Open daily from 7am to 10pm.

Charge: € 7,00 for every 15 minutes